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Computer & Accessories Desktop Computers off@-24% price_Rs. 1515.00
Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS

Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS

Computer & Accessories Desktop Computers off@-24% price_Rs. 1515.00

Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS

Product Description

Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS

Zebronics UPS-ZEB-MLS750 Key Feature:- India's first smaller scale load UPS. Uncommonly made for the security and observation CCTV/Broadcast studio/Medical types of gear AVR controlled upgraded voltage scope of AC 140-300v ZEB Micro Load Sense framework, processor-based yield load detecting highlight, to detect smaller-scale control utilization gadgets Backup of over 3 hours for miniaturized scale control utilization gadgets Excellent chip control ensures high dependability Advanced 3 Tier battery the executives framework, drags out battery life by over 30%. Made for extraordinary Indian Conditions. Rebel Equipment Connection confirmation - can adjust to Generators/Inverters having poor power factor just as out of date square wave yield. Driven and Audible cautions for moment ready sign. Auto restart while AC is recuperating Simulated sine wave Off-mode charging Cold beginning capacity Micro Load Sense UPS MLS System empowered Specially intended for observation CCTV Simulated sine wave mp controlled.

230V AC input voltage

Topics 4-8 ms move time

Changed sine wave waveform

6 hours to 90 percent after complete release revive time

Limit: 600VA; Input Voltage: 230VAC; Input Voltage Range: 140-300VAC; Output Voltage Regulation (Batt. mode): +/ - 10 percent

Move time: Typics 4-8 ms; Waveform: Modified sine wave; Battery Type: 12V/7Ah x 1; Recharge Time: 6 hours to 90 percent after complete release; Dimension (L xW x H): 324 mm x 140 mm x 220 mm

This UPS likewise accompanies a LED pointer which signals you when the battery is low with the goal that you can charge it for continuous power supply

2 Years (first year on-site* second year convey - in) (1-year guarantee on battery)


Voltage Range (AC mode): 230VAC ± 10 %

Voltage Range (Batt. Mode): 230VAC ± 10 %

Recurrence Range (Batt. Mode): 50Hz/60Hz ±1%

Move Time: Typical 4-8ms

Waveform: Simulated Sine Wave

Assurances: Overload, Short Circuit, Over-Discharge and Over Charge


Battery Type: 12V 7Ah x 1 no

Revive Time: 4-6 hours to charge 90%


Air conditioning Mode: Green LED Glows

Battery Mode: Green LED squints

Battery Mode: Beeping like clockwork

Low Battery: Beeping each Second

Over-burden: Beeping each 0.5 seconds

Deficiency: Continuous Beeping

Over-burden security

Over-burden security

U725 is a line intelligent UPS that accompanies over-burden security that aides in sparing your associated gadget from harm cost by over-burdening.

Rest Mode charging/LED and Audible Alarm

Rest Mode charging/LED and Audible Alarm

The UPS bolsters rest mode charging and it additionally accompanies LED pointer and discernible caution that alarms the client in case of an issue.

Programmed Voltage Regulation

Programmed Voltage Regulation

The UPS controls the yield voltage as indicated by the given information voltage in order to give us a consistent yield waveform.

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