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Computer & Accessories off@-36% price_Rs. 3499.00 Smart Watches
Huami smartwarch, Amazfit (Obsidian Black)

Huami smartwarch, Amazfit (Obsidian Black)

Computer & Accessories off@-36% price_Rs. 3499.00 Smart Watches

Amazfit Bip Lite Smart Watch (Black)

Product Description

Huami smartwarch, Amazfit (Obsidian Black)

Get for yourself this Huami Amazfit smartwatch. The smartwatch color is obsidian black but you can be sure to find wristbands with different colors right here.

Huami smartwatch description:

  • This smartwatch has an AMOLED display of 1.65 inches with high precise resolution and it has also got quite a hard gorilla glass for screen protection, hence the touch screen will not crush or crack at the encounter of a less force.
  • The Huami smartwatch has quite excellent waterproof capabilities and it can sustain a depth of up to 50 meters deep water pressure.
  • This smart gadget keeps track of your movement activities and exercises. It keeps track of your walking or running distance, active hours, calories in the bloodstream and also the steps taken each time you are moving. 
  • The smartwatch has smart notifications which have well-customized vibrations that always enables you to stay in touch and alert with all important notifications right on your wrist.
  • You will also not need to frequently charge this smartwatch since it has a battery lifespan of up to 14 days which surely guarantees you up to two weeks with no charge need. This is an opportunity to focus on doing your works stress-free with no worries, and most of all, keeping and tracking your body fitness.
This device is meant just for you, health is the greatest wealth on earth and we all should always watch out. This is a perfect gadget that is worth your purchase.

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